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Link Baiting is a great technique if used the right way,

Website owners should be aware of this progressive technique which is very effective if used skillfully. Link baiting is a method of getting popularity by writing good articles, or to get fans, bloggers, and other online promotional methods to make waves within your industry. Social media promotional methods are similar and can be very effective, (like twitter).
This idea is to give people (fans) a good topic to talk about and  that is interesting or controversial. This is when your fans will spread it and link to displaying the interest or recommending it to others.


Viral content distribution
According to George Lewington, Link baiting can be used for a wide range of fields. The Experience marketers and online entrepreneurs will use this to create the content, forums posts and blog posts that people will want to link their websites or blogs to.
The content should be of a viral nature that people will really want to publish on their sites. You need  to start with something very interesting, also it needs to be well researched or unique.

When your work is ready, then it is time to submit it to sites and places where web surfers can see it and republish or set a link to. You should use Social media channels, this will give you a good possibility that a web suffers  will like it and hopefully use it on their platform. Here are a list of plat forms you can use to get the word out.
a) social bookmarking sites
b) social news sites
c) social event sharing sites
d) photo and video sharing sites and  they are lots of them.
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