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This post may be a little different from the other posts. I don’t want anyone to get too involved in the psychology behind internet marketing, but I want to point out a few things that have given me cause for concern.

One of the most important things for IM marketers to do is to secure their presence on the web. By that I mean they seem to be everywhere you turn on the internet. There are websites, blogs on wordpress, blogger, twitter, hub pages, ezine articles, videos promoting  their products, auto-responders  and every other device available to insure they are “on” the internet. They’re like an old cartoon character about whom it was said,  “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere”. Top internet marketers  are everywhere.

Now what does that mean to a guy or gal just starting out who wants to have a successful internet marketing business. It means that none of the fortunes promised by some of the “Gurus” comes without lots of hard work and a fairly complete understanding of what one must do to be “present” on the web.  There will be lots of promotions directed at newbies telling them there’s a list building strategy they must follow or there’s a training program guaranteed to generate lots of traffic and thus money if followed by them. All this, of course, comes at a price. And the prices can be nuts.  $3995 for one course, for example. ( you can make 6 monthly payments  if you want)  All of this is always covered by a full 100%, 90 days guarantee. Then there are other programs always sponsored by a guru who tells us he or she made “mucho” money,  followed by testimonials from their participants telling us we’re crazy not to buy into the program.

And on top of all this is another guru who sends out his pals programs to you and is getting an affiliate commission to sell it to his subscribers.

So what does all this cold water being splashed on these programs mean. It means that you should be very careful when someone wants to separate you from your hard earned cash. You want to get a business up and running for a reasonable investment; not one that puts you in a bigger hole than when you began. You’re willing to work at it to generate a decent monthly income for the future.

All this translates to a five letter word. TRUST. Who can you trust if everyone is sending you auto emails touting their programs or info products and asking for a couple of thousand dollars.

The answer to that question, dear newbie, means you must be Critical and Cautious. Any program you buy must have value to you and give you the tools you need to be successful. So lets try to work together to find the kinds of programs that have  intrinsic value and deliver that value to you. These are programs that provide real value; not just a bunch of  empty promises of  financial rewards.

I am going to recommend a few courses and programs that I have found to offer a sound value for the dollars spent. Bookmark us and check in again in a few days with TOM’S TIPS .

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