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Google Plus For The Entrepreneur, Biz Owner, And Savvy Marketer

There’s a lot of talk about social media and how to incorporate it into your business marketing plan. Some of this chatter is good advice, but more of it is just someone running off at the mouth.

But, as a business owner, there’s one social strategy that just makes good sense and that’s Google Plus. Before you berate about what a ghost town it is compared to Facebook, hear me out.

Google Plus has a few really cool features that Facebook and Twitter don’t (at least not yet).

In the game of Internet domination, it’s all about engaging the end user. So when Facebook took the lead as number one most visited site in the world, you can bet it got’s Google’s attention.

In other words, using the Internet for social engagement became bigger than “searching” for information.

In the searching game, Google is king. In the social game, Facebook is king. Now Facebook is getting into the “searching game” with its new graph search. And it could take time to train Facebook users to search for local business through Facebook.

After all, Facebook is for being social, not searching, that’s what Google is for isn’t it?

Google’s a little older and more experienced. Google has been playing with a lot of online properties, one of which is Zagat, a review site that resembles Yelp!.

There’s also Google’s pride and joy…YouTube, which is the top video site in the world.

So what I see happening with Google Plus is a combination of many of these other properties into one big social searching media monster! (As if Google could get any bigger).

Google Plus is already much more than “another social site,” or some fad. Here’s few robust reasons why your business needs a Google Plus account sooner rather than later.

Google Local Pages – The old Google Places is being seamlessly integrated into Google Plus to give the user a complete one stop social site. Local business can setup their Google Plus Page much like Facebook has a Facebook page.

Google purchased Zagat in September 2011, and last May they began integrating GooglePlus Local listings and GooglePlace reviews into Zagat. Now integration of GooglePlus Local Pages with GooglePlus Business Pages is in the works.

So it makes sense to get involved now, even though there aren’t as many people on Google Plus as Facebook. The “plus” in Google Plus are the new people you’ll meet that you won’t find hanging out on Facebook.

And speaking of hanging out, GooglePlus has something Facebook and Twitter don’t…Hangout on Air. If Facebook and Skype were married, Hangout On Air would be their offspring.

It’s a dynamic platform that let’s you video chat with up to nine other participants. HOA provides an excellent opportunity to produce live shows that can be recorded directly to YouTube.

You can to demonstrate your products and/or teach existing and potential customers.

What makes it different from just posting a YouTube video is the multiple participant feature. You can invite top experts in your field to discuss important topics who might be located thousands of miles away.

Your demonstration can be live and you can also upload it to YouTube later for further viewing. I see this being a huge hit once it catches on.

Probably the thing that’s the most exciting about GooglePlus is Communities. In Communities, you’ll find it easy to build new connections with people active on GooglePlus.

Here is something else you should know: Google Brand Pages are allowed to create and join Communities! This is in contrast to Facebook Brand Pages which cannot join Facebook Groups.

All in all, I’m betting Google Plus will give Facebook some serious competition. But as a business owner, that’s good news. Why limit yourself to one social network where there are so many choices.

However, given the time and resources it takes to build a successful social media campaign, it might be good to stick with the two that are engaging the most users first. Google Plus is right behind Facebook, even though most people haven’t realized it yet.

I know what you’re thinking…”I don’t have the time to create and run another social media campaign.”

Well, not to worry, because I’ve taken care of that for you. Go here for the details.

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