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Why a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites really are gaining popularity. As more people make use of their own mobile phone devices as well as PDAs to view the internet when they cannot  take some time to sit at the table with a PC, mobile websites ensure it is easy to accomplish this. Listed below are 4 reasons why, as…

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Google Plus For The Entrepreneur, Biz Owner, And Savvy Marketer

There’s a lot of talk about social media and how to incorporate it into your business marketing plan. Some of this chatter is good advice, but more of it is just someone running off at the mouth. But, as a business owner, there’s one social strategy that just makes good sense and that’s Google Plus….

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Helpful Tips For Mobile Marketing Success

It is crucial to take care of your current targeted customer base, and one great way to do that is involving them in a mobile marketing campaign. Email marketing is the traditional method in this field andmobile marketing is along those lines. Continue reading to find out helpful tips for your mobile marketing success. You…

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How to change the Homepage title tag in WordPress

The title tag is one of the most important factors on your page when it comes to ranking for a keyword.  The title tag is what you see in the top of the page tab or window when you open the page in a browser. (Even if it’s cut off by the tab size, when…

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