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Basics For Successful Nonprofit Local Search SEO

While most of the information available on the internet would explain the basics of Search Engine Optimization, fact is, these rules apply towards creating a global online presence. For an organization like a nonprofit, it is advisable to first create a strong local presence before trying to compete on the global platform. Making a strong hold in the local area has the added advantage of being able to create a more personal rapport with your audience.

While most of the SEO rules remain the same, however, there are a few basics that cater only to local search SEO scenarios.

  • The first and most obvious technique to ensure SEO for local search is to submit links to local groupings or directories. Just like in the link building process for regular SEO, you would be advised to submit your links to directories, herein focus on submitting links to online directories that offer local listings. These would include directories like Yahoo!,, DMOZ and

Find a company to work with you is in your local area. If you live in Maidenhead or Windsor, find an SEO expert in Maidenhead. It’s best to look at who is ranking number 1 in Google so you know who is the best.

  •  The next would be to study the backlinks of all competitive sites on the first page of Google for the region you are trying to promote yourself in. For e.g., you do volunteer work in California, search Google for “Volunteers California” and notice the top ten sites. Then search for “Site URL” in Google to check for its backlinks. Once you have a list of directories or sites they submit to, make sure you post your links there as well.
  •  Anchor text is another element that plays an important role in creating a hold in the local search arena. Anchor text is basically the clickable links that most of us find in the written text. For e.g., you submit a blog post that talks about the progress you have made in case of raising funds for the cure of cancer, and need more support so that you may achieve your goals, including a clickable phrase like “donations for cancer” would make for anchor text. This would serve the dual purpose of first informing the reader exactly what he is going to click on; second, it would also tell search engines what the page is all about, thereby contributing towards improving the ranking.
  •  Last, though not the least would be to include the name of your nonprofit, physical address, phone numbers, email address and website address on the contact page and atleast one other page on your website, if not all.


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