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How to change the Homepage title tag in WordPress


The title tag is one of the most important factors on your page when it comes to ranking for a keyword.  The title tag is what you see in the top of the page tab or window when you open the page in a browser. (Even if it’s cut off by the tab size, when you mouse over you’ll see the entire thing.)
change the title of your home page so that a different title will appear in the tab
It’s also the headline for the page in the Google search results. change the title of your home page in wordpress so that a new title will show in the google results
If the keyword is in the title, and especially if it is at the beginning of the title, that gives a big boost to your page for that keyword.
The title tag, like most meta-tags, is contained in the header of the page.  If you can go into the HTML of the each page, you can insert the title tag with the title you want.  The tag looks like this:
<title>Your Title Goes Here</title>
But what if you work on WordPress, which doesn’t let you edit the header for an individual page?  Are you doomed to the same title for every page on your site? (Bad news in the eyes of Google.)

Fortunately there are a good number of WordPress plugins that will let you give a title tag to each page individually.  One of the best is All in One SEO Pack.

But while this will let you put in the title for each page, when you put your desired title in the home page All in One SEO Pack field… nothing happens.  On your main list of pages and their title, description and keyword tags, it looks like it has changed for the home page, but if you check the browser tab when the page is open, or check what the headline is for the home page in a Google search – it is not the new title you gave it.
So how do you change the title of the home page on a WordPress site?
The answer’s pretty simple, but hard to find.  So we’ll point you in the right direction.  Go to your WordPress dashboard.  Click on Settings on the side menu.
title tag settings on dashboard
You’ll be taken to the “General” settings page.
home page title change in wordpress general settings

This is where the default home page title comes from.  You could change it here, and it would change the home page title.  But this “Site Title” is also often appended to the end of page or post title tags.  It’s good for branding, but what if you want your home page title to be a specific keyword phrase – something beyond just your brand? And you don’t want that long phrase showing up at the end of the title tag of every post?

Continue down that Settings sub-menu to All in One SEO.

all in one seo settings in sub-menu

Scroll down past a few ads until you find:
field to change title wordpress home page


Put in your desired title for the home page.  Scroll down to the bottom and click “Update Options.”
There you go!  Refresh your home page in the browser and check the browser tab.  Is the title you’ve been waiting for there?  You did it!


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